Oxford Neck Pain due to Smartphone Use and Chiropractic Help

You know it: Smartphone use is hazardous to your neck! The forward head posture we all fall [prey|victim]3] to when reading texts or checking the news or watching the latest reel isn’t healthy. Satterwhite Chiropractic delivers gentle treatment for the Oxford neck pain and associated arm pain which is quite helpful! We also offer a few hints on how to utilize your cell phone in a better way to protect your spine.


Neck pain due to smartphone popularity is rising! Young and old alike experience it. We are all using our smartphones while walking, sitting, visiting. (In the old days, we would hand out together not even thinking about using a phone. Not so much today!) A meta-analysis of 26 published papers analyzing how influential neck posture is for neck pain patients of all ages found that the craniovertebral angle of the neck differs among them with regards to age, gender, pain (with or without) and negatively correlated with neck pain. (1) A recent study noted that the most problematic posture for head and neck angles while using smartphones was sitting in a chair without a backrest. The authors offered some comfort in that they found some corrective exercises that help decrease neck pain severity by 36.6% and disability by 13.3%. (2) Satterwhite Chiropractic has a few exercises in our chiropractic treatment plan that  that can help if you are interested!


Satterwhite Chiropractic also shares how changing your head posture might help. Comparing asymptomatic people with and without forward head posture, researchers saw statistically significant differences in sensorimotor and somatosensory processing factors with increases in forward head posture. The good news was that they also discovered that with each 1° increase in craniovertebral angle of the neck (ie.e. less forward head posture carriage), the somatosensory factors got better. (3) The take-away: Lift your chin up!


Further, forward head posture was shown to affect sensorimotor processing and integration measures in both athletic and non-athletic people. College athletes with such forward head posture compared to those with normal head posture displayed such issues as well as less efficient skill-related physical fitness (like balance, leg power, agility). (4) Our use of the gentle, safe, non-rotational treatment of neck pain with Cox® Technic may have a role in decreasing neck pain and affecting related issues. Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Shay Corbin on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes his chiropractic care of a patient suffering with neck and arm pain using The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

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