Oxford Chiropractic Newsletter from Satterwhite Chiropractic for April 2015

Chiropractic Boosts Strength and Muscle Function and Prevents Fatigue

Chiropractic’s spinal manipulation is research documented to maximize sporting performance and help recovery of muscle function due to such occurrences as stroke or orthopedic surgery. Full spine adjustments allowed patients to better contract leg muscles: 45% more brain-to-muscle activation and 60% increase in muscle activity. (1) Satterwhite Chiropractic shares these researchers’ excitement about this finding! If you are into sports or have experienced muscle loss, make time for a Oxford chiropractic appointment today!

Chiropractic Care To Prevent Elderly Falls

Two risk factors come into play in when elderly folks fall: dizziness and neck pain. Chiropractic studies point to the success chiropractic care has in treating both of these conditions. So researchers suggest that chiropractic may have a valuable role in falls prevention plans especially in elderly folks who have mechanical neck pain and dizziness. (2) Bring your neck pain and dizziness to Satterwhite Chiropractic!

MRI Not Necessary for All Low Back Pain

MRI makes pretty pictures (and sometimes not so pretty when there are disc herniations, etc., that look bad but may not be cause of pain!), but they don’t diagnose. Physicians diagnose via clinical examination and observation and determine when and if an MRI is needed. (3) Satterwhite Chiropractic is most capable of diagnosing and managing back pain and its tests. The Cox Technic system of care looks for that 50% relief of pain within 30 days as a gauge of improvement and further testing.

Knee Pain and Back Pain Affect Quality of Life over 50

Your chiropractor can help manage both! Don’t let these two conditions get the better of you. In a study, authors suggest that back pain may be more menacing for older folks, especially men. (4) Back pain and knee pain can be conservatively managed by (or co-managed with) your Oxford chiropractic physician at Satterwhite Chiropractic.

Hip Fracture? Watch Out for Vertebral Fractures.

Of 458 hip fracture patients, 69% of women and 60% of men had at least one mild vertebral fracture while 16% of women and 17% of men had at least one severe vertebral fracture. Those are high percentages in patients who just experienced a hip fracture. (5) Let Satterwhite Chiropractic be a part of your Oxford hip and vertebral fracture prevention healthcare team.

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