Nutrition Articles

Stop the Yo-Yo! The Benefits of Weight Loss

The frustration of weight loss affects many Oxford residents, but satisfaction may be yours with Satterwhite Chiropractic’s help. When you are tired of diet game, turn to Satterwhite Chiropractic to help you meet your goal.

Eat Fish - Save Your Bones!

That's right. When you step out on the town in Oxford for dinner, choose fish. Eating fish high in omega-3 oils may protect your bone mass and possibly prevent osteoporosis and its related fractures.

Arthritis and Low Back Pain Relief

Oxford arthritis sufferers can find hope for pain relief at Satterwhite Chiropractic where chiropractic care includes spinal manipulation and nutrition to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Are you fat enough?

There is such a thing as good fat. The essential fatty acids are good fats, and you want to be full of them. Satterwhite Chiropractic can unravel the alphabet of essential fatty acids - EPA, DHA, EFA, GLA, ALA - and show you how to benefit most.

A Multivitamin for Me? Really? YES!

Our Oxford diets being what they are in this fast-paced world, many turn to multivitamin supplementation to fill in the nutritional gaps. Satterwhite Chiropractic shares some of the benefits in dietary supplementation.

Vitamin C is Good for Your Bones, Too!

Vitamin C is essential to bone formation and bone-loss prevention. Most of us in Oxford recognize Vitamin C for its antioxidant power, but overlook its value to bone. Vitamin C is quite the multitasking vitamin!

Stop Disc Degeneration? Possibly.

Satterwhite Chiropractic understands the health of the spinal disc is linked to its nutritional state. A decrease of certain chemicals within the disc causes it to lose water and become dehydrated, leading to disc degeneration. The good news is that it may be stopped & even reversed. 

Feed Your Bones

Bones must be fed the proper nutrients to build bone mass. The bigger your bone mass as a youth, the better it supports the body as you age and prevents osteoporosis and osteoporosis-related issues.